We Insist ! Freedom Now — M’Boom, M’Boom, M’Boom — All The Muses of the Drummer ~ Punta Giara Cultural Association Press Release

“On the bor­ders between Sar­dinia and Jazz” Fes­ti­val per­forms the XXXII edi­tion it’s a yet anoth­er expres­sion of love, towards the con­tem­po­rary lan­guage of music and, in par­tic­u­lar, of jazz. The Fes­ti­val will have the intact strength and the atti­tude that has always char­ac­ter­ized this event : “the curios­i­ty”. It starts from the past, that is still present, to read the con­tem­po­rary life of men and women. This Fes­ti­val has the ambi­tion to write new
pages in uni­ver­sal music. This Fes­ti­val only begins in our island but music shapes the future through this unique art.

The Pun­ta Gia­ra Cul­tur­al Asso­ci­a­tion is always con­nect­ed to the world and it draws ideas from music to talk about soci­ety which makes the music use­ful.  In con­ceiv­ing, design­ing and mak­ing the XXXII edi­tion, after a long and suc­cess­ful analy­sis, the Artis­tic Direc­tor and the mem­bers of the Pun­ta Gia­ra Cul­tur­al Asso­ci­a­tion start­ed from the recent­ly released Amnesty International’s Civ­il Rights Annu­al Report that made us real­ize how we are in front of a human­i­tar­i­an emer­gency of glob­al pro­por­tions.

After the social rev­o­lu­tion of the 1960’ the world seems to have tak­en a step back from what we con­sid­er an acquired right like the human rights should be con­sid­ered. In fact, it’s worth not­ing that in recent time, the human rights are going through great dan­gers. Vio­la­tions, in about 160 so-called demo­c­ra­t­ic states, sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly affect many of inalien­able rights: betrayed child­hood, gen­der vio­lence, war crimes, enforced dis­ap­pear­ances, tor­ture and mass depor­ta­tions rep­re­sent and describe a cat­a­stroph­ic pic­ture. Nei­ther of us could have nev­er imag­ined of such an invo­lu­tion of the rights due to the social rev­o­lu­tions of the 60’s, and this haven’t let all the mem­bers of the Asso­ci­a­tion indif­fer­ent.

Thought auto­mat­i­cal­ly goes to those coun­tries that do not fall with­in the “The Civ­i­lized West”.  Instead, it’s in the open for every­one to see how the lat­est US elec­tions have been con­duct­ed in a “dis­crim­i­na­to­ry, misog­y­nis­tic and xeno­pho­bic” way.  The Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca, actu­al­ly, have marked one of the most impor­tant social changes of the past mil­len­ni­um. It seems like a sponge has can­celed the sweat and blood of Mal­colm X, Mar­tin Luther King and all African Amer­i­cans sac­ri­ficed on the altar of white suprema­cy. Now, a strong need to ana­lyze a cor­ner­stone of the strug­gle for civ­il rights and of the jazz’s evo­lu­tion is return­ing. Our thought has inevitably focused on the suite “We Insist! Free­dom Now” com­posed by the bril­liant drum­mer Max Roach and sup­ple­ment­ed by the words of the African-Amer­i­can poet, singer and writer Oscar Brown Jr.

The con­tri­bu­tion that this work has giv­en a con­tri­bu­tion to civ­il rights is sum­ma­rized in the excla­ma­tion point with­in the its title, this is not a request but a will that, dur­ing the 60’s, has become increas­ing­ly urgent and nec­es­sary. This stance is not nego­tiable nor post­poned and it is evi­denced by the cov­er of that won­der­ful, his­tor­i­cal, fun­da­men­tal and rev­o­lu­tion­ary suite. It will be exact­ly the spir­it of Max Roach that will char­ac­ter­ize this edi­tion. Roach, in its own right, is con­sid­ered one of the most impor­tant inno­va­tors of his instru­ment and, as a result, of jazz music. He is a mile­stone against which every musi­cian is oblig­ed to con­front. Roach has man­aged to turn the bat­tery from a sim­ple accom­pa­ny­ing instru­ment in a cre­ative machine. His bat­tery can con­duct all the tools that had char­ac­ter­ized the jazz com­po­si­tion hith­er­to. His abil­i­ty to trans­fer the bebop style on drums, has made him the father of mod­ern per­cus­sion as a per­son­al expres­sion tool. His tech­ni­cal abil­i­ty, appre­ci­at­ed by musi­cians the cal­iber of Char­lie Park­er, Miles Davis, Eric Dol­phy and Son­ny Rollins, among many, joined the polit­i­cal aware­ness, increas­ing­ly linked to the social inequal­i­ty, which unfor­tu­nate­ly char­ac­ter­izes the human orga­ni­za­tion .

This edi­tion will be char­ac­ter­ized by per­cus­sion and its evo­lu­tion and by a strong female pres­ence.  Inequal­i­ty also involves sex­u­al dis­crim­i­na­tion and phys­i­cal and men­tal abuse suf­fered by women because of a nonex­is­tent male supe­ri­or­i­ty. We will focus on the extreme cre­ative pow­er of unit­ed women and their cre­ative dimen­sion also. We will look through the eyes of a fig­ure who unites in her­self infi­nite exis­tences able to wrap and pro­tect all the uni­verse. Not only because they cre­ate life but also because they are cre­ators of artis­tic visions, cul­tur­al and social. Eye of the Mus­es will help and guide us into a depth that, maybe, will desta­bi­lize all of that mil­len­ni­al unfound­ed pre­con­cep­tions.

Through the devel­op­ment of this theme we feel that Jazz can and must assert its social val­ue once again. Jazz will be able to move away from super­fi­cial­i­ty that con­sid­er the music art as pure enter­tain­ment. Our inten­tion is to pro­mote the cre­ation of an orig­i­nal thought, unable to choose between what oppres­sion and law is. That’s why, inspired by the mas­ter­piece of one of the most impor­tant musi­cians in the his­to­ry of con­tem­po­rary music, we join in the scream that says, “We insist! Free­dom Now “.

The Press Con­fer­ence of the XXXII edi­tion of ON THE BORDERS BETWEEN SARDINIA AND JAZZ Fes­ti­val has been issued on the 7th of April 2017. From the same date, infor­ma­tion and pro­gram of the Fes­ti­val will be fea­tured on our offi­cial web­site :  www.santannarresijazz.it.
Sant’Anna Arresi, 23 Mar­zo 2017