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Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus, Philadelphia PA

Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus, Philadelphia PA

It got hot 'up norf'

It got hot ‘up norf’

The swift blaze of a hot fire is a rare thing “up norf” on the shores of Lake Ontario. But it did get a lit­tle warm dur­ing Burnt Sugar’s visit to Har­bour Front in Toronto… and not just from the com­bustible con­coc­tion the Suga’ peo­ple cooked up… but from bright-sunny days, upper 70’s weather-uncharacteristically still […]

Monday, Nov 16, 2009

Blue Note New York City, NY, 11/16/09

Chicago, IL, 09/14/09

Chicago, IL, 09/14/09

Welcome to our new site

We’re just mov­ing in — things may feel a bit rough around the edges — but we’re jump­ing in. Keep com­ing back over the next few days as we unpack. (Be sure to sub­scribe to our RSS feed for updates)

Buffalo, NY, 09/04/09

Toronto, Ontario, 09/05/09

New York City, NY, 08/22/09

Philadelphia, PA, 07/24/09

Hartford, CT, 07/16/09

Harlem, NYC, NY, 06/27/09

Wilmington, Delaware, 06/20/09

A bit about this show.…..

Bloomfield, New Jersey, 06/19/09