Introducing REBELLUM

big rebellum_V1Here in 2014 allow the Burnt Sug­ar Arkestra to intro­duce it’s avant funk & roll splin­ter cell … REBELLUM.

Grip­ping the sum of  REBELLUM’s parts LIVE demands one appre­hends these fac­tions: The  two-part super-fly vocal front­line  of  Mikel Banks & Shel­ley Nicole;  those ace rid­dim sec­tion com­pan­eras, The Buck­eye Bass Mack Jared Michael Nick­er­son & our 主要 Man from Japan on Kick & Snare …  Hiroyu­ki “Mat­su” Mat­suu­ra, Valerie June Gui­tar Hero, Ben Tyree, Bari Sax God­dess for TVOR & Nick Water­house ‘Moist’ Paula Hen­der­son, Bil­ly Ocean Tenor Sax Hook­smith V. Jef­fery Smith, William Park­er Trum­peter of Choice Lewis ‘Flip’ Barnes, Ver­non Reid Key­board Lib­er­a­tor, Leon Gru­en­baum.

This very accom­plished crew has  play­ing cred­its that range from The Roots, Toshi Reagon, Char­lie Mus­sel­white, DJ Log­ic, Gary Lucas, TV On The Radio, Tamar-kali, Phish, William Park­er, Mark Ribot, Lizz Wright, The Holmes Broth­ers, Lady Kier, Freedy John­ston, San­dra St. Vic­tor, Wada­da Leo Smith, David Mur­ray, Deb­bie Gib­son, Joseph Bowie and England’s The The.

ON THE RECORDING a gag­gle of Spe­cial Guests include Abby Dob­son, Mic­ah Gaugh, Kim Hill, Marc Cary, Ron­ny Dray­ton, Somi, Satch Hoyt, Court­ney Bryan, Ver­non Reid, Meah Pace, Andre Las­salle, la Bruha Desi la, Mazz Swift and “The Dark­nuss Co-Pro­duc­er, Bud­dhabug Records’ Luq­man Brown.

Let us also give a shout-out to our Mas­ter Blaster Mas­ter-eur Tom Ruff for Asbury Media … Ya Heard!

File under Grown&SexyAvant-Agit-Pop. The 20 songs on REBELLUM’s debut album “the Dark­nuss”  on their own label, Avant­Groidd Musica/Tru Groidd, burst forth a bloody pro­fu­sion of exot­ic trace elements–warped soul har­monies, free­dom swing horn play, mag­got brained gui­tar implo­sions and arkestral loopadelics in the dark.

REBELLUM’s song titles loud­ly & proud­ly rep­re­sent the rant­i­ng swoon of their Afro-Futur­ist insur­gency: ”Start Think­ing like An Afreakun”, ”The Dark­nuss”, ”Rock Star Amne­si­ac”, ”Who’s Lov­ing You Now?”, ”Chains & Water / No Coloureds Allowed”, ”There Is A God (The Singularity)”and ”Young Franken­stank”.

The spir­its of Sun Ra, Ron Hardy, Eddie Hazel, Gary Numan and The Emo­tions are all wel­come here.

“The Dark­nuss” Pro­duc­tion Cred­its:
Pro­duced by Luq­man Brown for Bud­dhabug Records (Harlem N.Y.)
Mas­tered by Tom Ruff for Asbury Media
Exec­u­tive Pro­duc­ers: Greg Tate for Avant­Groidd Musi­ca & Jared Michael Nick­er­son for Burnt Sug­ar Index LLC
Cov­er Col­lage by Wangechi Mutu
Pho­tog­ra­phy by Nisha Sond­he
Cov­er Design by LaRon­da Davis
“The Dark­nuss” can be streamed & down­loaded at Band­camp:
and “The Dark­nuss” CDs can be pur­chased at CD Baby:

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REBELLUM Group Pho­to Cred­it: Pho­tos by ‘Moist’ Paula Hen­der­son & Shel­ley Nicole ~ Col­lage & Tint­ing by Amy Gail