The Rites: Conductions Inspired By Stravinsky’s Le Sacre Du Printemps

  • The Rites: Conductions Inspired By Stravinsky's Le Sacre Du Printemps
  • 2003 : TruGROID/AvantGROID

Greg Tate’s band under Butch Morris’s baton.
With:  Butch Morris, Pete Cosey & Melvin Gibbs

Track List

  1. What Stravinsky? Listen
  2. The Brahmsian? Listen
  3. The Russian?
  4. Liturgical?
  5. The Neoclassicist?
  6. Or The Jazz Stravinsky?
  7. Sky Porch



“Burnt Sugar has a flexible membership, and this particular recording is blessed with guitar legend Pete Cosey, whose looping, twisted lines added an anxious element to Miles Davis' early and mid-'70s albums Agharta, Pangea, Dark Magus and Get Up With It. More recently, Cosey was featured on Akira Sakata's intense”
Japan Times Online