Not April in Paris; Live from Banlieus Bleues

  • Not April in Paris
  • 2004 : TruGROID

Recorded Live at Banlieus Bleues: Salle Pablo Neruda, Bobigny, France. March 19th, 2004

Track List

  1. Springtime for Chillun (by Bruce Mack)
  2. Half Moon Flippers
  3. Jungle Fibre
  4. Jungle Fauvre
  5. Mazzafrique listen
  6. Jeremiah the Gallic Listen
  7. Held in Faith (feat. Lisala)
  8. All Fall Down (feat. JDX)
  9. Panpipes and Sprites Listen
  10. The Blood of Pomegranates
  11. Resurrection Rag



“There are live albums where you just had to be there, and there are ones that take you there. This documentation of a 2001 Burnt Sugar performance is of the latter variety.”
by  Rico Cleffi
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