Making Love to the Dark Ages

  • Making Love to the Dark Ages
  • 2009 : LiveWired

Burnt Sugar’s first studio recording in 5 years in celebration of the band’s 10 year anniversary. A tasty mix of history and contemporary. A spicy blend of jazz, improv, innovation and composition.
A cornucopia of sound embedded in the process of creativity: hot, sweet, and a little burnt on the edges.


  1. Chains and Water-part One
  2. Chains and Water – Part Two
  3. Chains and Water – Part Three
  4. Thorazine/eighty One
  5. Love to Tical
  6. Dominata (The Gabri Ballad)
  7. Making Love to the Dark Ages – Part One
  8. Making Love to the Dark Ages – Part Two



“Despite the stylistic versatility, the soundscape often conjures late electric Miles—Andre Lassalle, guitar ghoul on the scary “Throne of Blood 33 1/3,” blends Hendrix and Pete Cosey—and the politics are easily as subversive. On the poignant, angry “Burning Crosses,” Abby Dobson’s huge, plummy voice aches while Rene Akan’s guitar twines. This music is aggressive and fearless no matter the mode—and there are “soft” cuts. (Not many, though.) There’s also a hidden 12th track, a pushy venture with buried vocals and Tackhead drive saying it’s time to act like an African. Coming on the heels of the synth-drenched “Blood Music,” it’s advice the band also stresses in the album’s clever title. Question is, do you pronounce “negrocity” like “ferocity” or make it two words? Works both ways and then some, like the music itself.”
by  Carlo Wolff