Black Sex Yall: Liberation & Bloody Random Violets

  • Black Sex Yall: Liberation & Bloody Random Violets
  • 2003 : truGROID

One of Burnt Sugar’s most diverse and opulent recordings. This collection features key contributions from Vernon Reid, Vijay Iyer, Butch Morris, Pete Cosey, Tamar Kali, DJ Mutamassik, Omega Moon and Kirk Douglas of the Roots.

“Moonchile” (section 2:18 – 4:55)Listen

Track Listing

1. funky rich medina
2. fear
3. mtume(pt1)
4. mtume(pt2)
5. driva man/freedom day
6. mermaids angels and rainbows
7. bas (kiss) super grungy mix
8. random violets
9. muta’s rites (version)
10. moonchile
11. gibberish & bushwack
12. ventris
13. no direction home(pt1)
14. no direction home(pt2)
15. no direction home(pt3)
16. no direction home(pt4)
17. no direction home(pt5)
18. no direction home(pt6)
19. no direction home(pt7)
20. the rites redux



“Some of the most intriguing moments in this live-sounding studio recording are hard-hitting covers of Miles' "Mtume" (from Get Up With It) and the Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln suite "Driva Man/Freedom Day," which incorporates Marque Gilmore's drum 'n' bass programs and Vernon Reid's electric guitar into the fabric of its bluesy foundation.”
by  Bill Milkowski