More about the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival

Presented by Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Geri Fallo & the City of Hoboken this will be the 24th edition of the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. There will be two stages of live music with Overlake, The Karyn Kuhl Band featuring Syd Straw, The Demolition String Band, Glenn Morrow’s Cry for Help, Mike Daly & The […]

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More about Stefanie Batten Bland, SBB Dance Co. & “Patient(ce)”

Provocative, prodigal darling of the dance world, Stefanie Batten Bland began her career in New York City, crossed the Atlantic and took roots in Europe for more than a decade, and then returned to Manhattan to lead her troupe, SBB Company, to dizzying heights of inventiveness. Since founding the ensemble in 2008 in France, the […]

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We Insist ! Freedom Now – M’Boom, M’Boom, M’Boom – All The Muses of the Drummer ~ Punta Giara Cultural Association Press Release

“On the borders between Sardinia and Jazz” Festival performs the XXXII edition it’s a yet another expression of love, towards the contemporary language of music and, in particular, of jazz. The Festival will have the intact strength and the attitude that has always characterized this event : “the curiosity”. It starts from the past, that […]

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The ElectroCution of Miles Davis: A Burnt Sugar Tribute performance

The ElectroCution of Miles Davis: A Burnt Sugar Tribute Performance

Recorded live at Sons d’Hiver February 5th, 2011. TRUMPET Lewis Flip Barnes Jr. ALTO Micah Gaugh TENOR+BASS CLARINET Avram Fefer VIOLIN Mazz Swift CELLO Will Martina CONTREBASSE Jason Di Matteo ELEC BASS Jared Michael Nickerson GUITARS Andre Lassalle – Asim Barnes DRUMS LaFrae Sci – Chris Eddleton KEYS Bruce Mack – W. Myles Reilly VOICES […]

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The Negrocity Follies

(In which The Ionman aggressively mis-conducts himself during another absurdly onanistic self-interview….) So the new Burnt Sugar record is called ALL YA NEEDS THAT NEGROCITY. Any explanations of ‘Negrocity’ forthcoming? Naw, not really. Be kinda redundant. Self-explanatory in a world where Three Six Mafia is winning Oscars and Rick Ross is a sex god. Negrocity […]

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