All You Need Is Negrocity

The Negrocity Follies

(In which The Ionman aggressively mis-conducts himself during another absurdly onanistic self-interview….) So the new Burnt Sugar record is called ALL YA NEEDS THAT NEGROCITY. Any explanations of ‘Negrocity’ forthcoming? Naw, not really. Be kinda redundant. Self-explanatory in a world where Three Six Mafia is winning Oscars and Rick Ross is a sex god. Negrocity […]

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“All Ya Needs That Negrocity” CD Release Feast

To celebrate the release of “All Ya Needs That Negrocity” on Avant Groidd Musica, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber is performing & presenting an eatin, dancin and card playin throwdown at The Village @ Gureje at Nova Bar and Garden Lounge on Saturday, November 5th.

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