Tres ~ BLACK SEX & RANDOM VIOLETS ~ Burnt Sugar Arkestra’s Groidest Hits Experience (1999–2017)

Black Sex & Random Violets

Black Sex & Ran­dom Vio­lets

Uptown … is where you’ll want to be for the “Tres” night of our Eigh­teenth Anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion. We’ll dip into our 2003 release “Black Sex & Ran­dom Vio­lets” at our favorite “shake it loose, shake it live­ly” Harlem venue … Paris Blues!  Expect long jams of “Funky Rich Med­i­na”, ” No Direc­tion Home” and “Gib­ber­ish & Bushwack” to get your liba­tion spilt while you get on your full boo­gie tilt!  Can you dig it … yes, yes … I know you can!