Bruce Mack : Keyboards

Bruce Mack

Bruce Mack

Brooklyn born, Musician, Composer, Bandleader and Music Educator, Bruce Mack lives in West Orange, New Jersey.
Primary instruments are electronic keyboards, i.e.; synthesizer, clavinet, organ, etc, various percussion and voice.

A bandleader for nearly 20 years, B. Mack has led bands featuring artists such as Guru of GangStarr, Atiba Wilson, Mark Peterson, Me’Shell NdegeOcello, Marque Gilmore, Tru, Jorge Sylvester, David Fiuczynski, Brian Hardgrove, Val-Inc, Damon Mendes, Andrew Lamb and has partnered with guitarist/composer-Marvin Sewell for various collaborations since 1995.  Mack has performed with Gene Williams, Vernon Reid, Maya Azucena, Cooper-Moore, Dean Bowman, Marcus M. Miller, Menace, Edric DuBose, Vision Quest, and the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra and is a regular recording and touring member of Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber.

Mack has composed music for Thirteen/WNET New York MTV, Naked Angels Theatre, Risa Jaroslow Dance Company and filmmakers Gordon Skinner and Jeff Giles. As president of the Black Rock Coalition for over 10 years, he co-produced 2 CDs for the BRC titled ‘Blacker Than That’ and ‘The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again’. Following the lead of the organization’s founder, guitarist Vernon Reid, Mack made many contributions to the organization such as powerful tributes to Jimmy Castor, Jimi Hendrix, and the connections of African-American and Latin music in America at venues such as Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Majestic Theatre, Town Hall, CBGBs, and the now defunct Wetlands.

Mack came unto the national music scene in 1985-86 leading the band PBR StreetGang with the release of indie-single ‘Chemical Pollution’, co-produced with friend and band-mate Ken Edmonds. It was released on the independent label Attic Sounds, which they both founded and ran with a couple of friends. The record did very well on the college circuit and received tremendous support from the newly formed Black Rock Coalition (BRC). The sound was very Punk-Funk-Alternative-Rock-R&B. Other recordings by PBR were featured on the BRC’s ‘History Of Our Future’ on Rhino Records and another release on Attic Sounds ‘PBR Streetgang Live in Philly’. In 1995, an indie label in Detroit (Zahmbee-Karlt Records) released a compilation CD titled ‘Detroit Underground’ that featured “6:30?. Although presented as a Bruce Mack solo project…it features all of PBR Streetgang.

Mack has led other excellent bands such as Rebels Be Phuncky, The Bruce Mack Experience and currently Tricky Dilemma.

During the past 10 years Mr. Mack has been a teaching model and instructor for organizations such as ArtsConnection, Henry Street Settlement, University Settlement, Hudson Repertory Dance Theater (New Jersey) and  The Door – a multi-faceted youth services agency in New York City. And has also been the resident teaching artist at P.S. 3 in the West Village, NY.